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Philosophy in school life’s childhood
CAPES Internationalization Project - PrInt
Linked to the Graduate Program in Education of UERJ - ProPEd

The project enlarges a work between philosophy, education and childhood, both from the perspective of philosophical experimentation with young children to the perspective os teachers training, parting from three articulating concepts: emancipation, childhood and experience. Emancipation is considered, from J. Rancière (2002, 2003), an exception to the logic of institution, when there is a fundamental equality between the subjects involved, besides their age, social class, ethnicity, gender. Childhood is a category of subjectivity that allows one to think learning subjects aside from chronology (Lyotard, 1997), as well as the crossings between temporality, transformation and subjectivity (Deleuze and Guattari, 1995). It concerns, therefore, the childhood of teachers of daycares and schools. Finally, philosophy as an experience of thinking considers that the school institution can welcome a thought willing to question its presuppositions, committed to problematizing ourselves and the world.

This research project in international cooperation was selected in call n. 41/2017 - CAPES PRINT UERJ, valid from August 2018 to July 2022. For CAPES, it is understood as a project of internationalization the role of partnerships and regular exchanges with research groups in the exterior, involving work missions of teachers and/or PhD students study missions, as well as yet-to-come teaching activities abroad as junior or senior visitor professors (postdoctoral), receiving foreign students and teachers, and training courses, on-site or at distance.

Logo drawing: The World, for Dominique Barenco, 6 years old.