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Philosophy in school life’s childhood
CAPES Internationalization Project - PrInt
Linked to the Graduate Program in Education of UERJ - ProPEd


This cooperation started systematically in 2013 and specifically focuses on the field of practical philosophy. In Rhodes it was created the Laboratory of "Research on Practical and Applied Philosophy " (L.R.P.A.Ph.): of which the Center for the Study of Philosophy and Childhood (NEFI) is a part. In 2013, a W. Kohan chapter translated to Greek composed the book Philosophia eísai edó, organized by Elena Thedoropoulou at the Diadrassi publishing house. In 2016 there was a meeting in Rhodes with the participation of Walter Kohan and master student (today PhD student in ProPEd) Daniel Gaivota Contage. In that same year, teacher Elena Theodoropoulou had a short stay (15 days) in ProPEd with funding from the Erasmus program. In 2017, Neila Ruiz, PhD student at ProPEd, did a PhD sandwich at Aegean University and in August 2017 qualified his doctorate with the presence of Elena Theodoropoulou at the board.


Myriam Southwell (UNLP) and Walter Kohan (ProPEd) coordinated the project Tactics of emancipation in educational networks and practices, in the daily life of teacher training: historical, philosophical, sociological and anthropological articulation ", CAPG/BA program (Program of Associated Centers of Postgraduation Brazil-Argentina, call n. 33/2011), duration 2012-2014, with participation of UBA, UNLP, FLACSO, UNICAMP and UFES. Walter Kohan and Rita Ribes ministered doctoral seminars and co-supervised 2 doctoral thesis. Kohan participated in three doctoral defenses at UBA. He was also a visiting professor in the last four editions of the specialization course "Pedagogy of these differences" (FLACSO). Several UNLP teachers have made short-term stays at ProPEd (Myriam Southwell, Juan Piovani, Silvina Larripa, Silvia Solas, Carlos Skliar, AlejandroCerletti) and at least four Argentine doctoral students made sandwiches of at least three months (Maximiliano Durán (UBA), Verónica Betencourt (UNLP), Juan Suasnabar (UNBA) and Laura Agratti (UNLP). Carina Kaplan (UNLP) did a post-doctorate in ProPEd. Several Argentine teachers participated in various editions of the REDES seminar and in the International Colloquium of Philosophy and Education (NEFI/UERJ): Carlos Skliar, Alejandro Cerletti, Myriam Southwell, Juan Piovani, Silvia Solas. Joint publications with the participation of several members of the two teams: Philosophy: teaching and learning (Walter Kohan, org. Autêntica, 2014); The act of educating in a language yet to be written (Walter Kohan, Sammy Lopes, Fabiana Martins orgs. NEFI, 2016).


It began in November 2012 with a master's and doctorate course in partnership with Laboratorium voor Educatie in samenleving on Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KULeuven) that Jan Masschelein, alongside with Jorge Larrosa, Maximiliano López (UFJF) and Walter Kohan, offered at ProPEd and was attended by 33 Belgian and Brazilian students from ProPEd and other graduate programs from Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. From this course was published a book with APQ3 support from FAPERJ: Finding school. (Walter Kohan, Maria Jacinta Vargas and Fabiana Martins orgs., Lamparina, 2013), with papers by teachers and course participants. Jan Masschelein came with APV from CNPq and then came annually since then. In 2016 he came with Marteen Simons from the same laboratory. Participated in mini-courses, lectures, workshops at NEFI. Walter Kohan has visited KULeuven several times, participated in 2 PhD defense boards (2013 and 2018), and research seminars. In 2016, J. Larrosa and J. Masschelein organized the Praise of School Cycle as part of Larrosa's visiting professor's internship at UDESC. W. Kohan participated in the week of conclusion of the event and in the book published by Autêntica Publishing House in 2017: Praise of School, with the participation of those mentioned, Maximiliano López and Inés Dussel.

South Africa

Since 2016, Karin Murris coordinates the research project "Decolonising Childhood" funded by South African National Research Foundation (NRF). Walter Kohan is part of the project, participated in webminar in 2016 and in 2017 Karin Murris was one of the organizers of the International Handbook of Philosophy for Children (Routledge, 2017) in which Walter Kohan has two chapters. Currently Karin Murris organizes the book Literacies, Literature and Learning, with chapter by Walter Kohan (Routledge, 2018, in press). Karin Murris is part of the scientific board of the Childhood & Philosophy academic journal published by NEFI/UERJ.


Walter Kohan was a visiting professor at the Universities of Bergamo (2014) and Padova (2015). He has published several works in Italian and maintains ties with groups of these two universities and the Federico II universities of Napoli, Bari, Verona and Genova. He participated as a teacher in specialization courses in Padova and Napoli and in doctorate course in Padova. Marina Santi and Diego di Massi, professors from this University, visited ProPEd (Marina in 2012 and 2016, Diego di Massi in 2017) offering short courses and participating in the International Colloquium (Marina) and REDES (Diego). Giuseppe Ferraro and Simona Marino of Univ. Federico II of Napoii also visited ProPEd several times. Marina Santi and Giuseppe Ferraro published two chapters each in books organized by Walter Kohan. They are both part of the scientific board of Childhood & Philosophy published by NEFI/UERJ. The book Il Maestro Inventore by W. Kohan has been translated into Italian (Arachne editrice, 2016).


Vera Maria R. de Vasconcellos and Lígia Aquino have a long-standing cooperation with Professors Manoel Sarmiento, Nathália Ferreira and Manoela Ferreira, from the Universities of Porto and Minho; ProPEd students made several sandwich exchanges at these institutions. Professors Manoel Sarmiento, Nathália and Manoela Ferreira visited ProPEd several times and participated in master and doctorate defense boards. Those two groups alongside with ProPEd professors have a leading role in the Luso-Brazilian Symposiums on Child Studies and Early Childhood Education, of which Vera de Vasconcellos and Lígia Aquino are part of the scientific commission. Walter Kohan is an associate researcher for the Aesthetics, Politics and Art project of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto/Portugal, coordinated by Professor Eugenia Vilela, funded by FCT of Portugal and was a member of the scientific committee of the congresses of the SOFELP, Philosophy of Education Society of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Education, in Cabo Verde, Porto, Campinas and Maputo from 2013 to 2107. From these meetings, were published books with Kohan's chapters. Rita Ribes organized a book with colleagues from Portugal and other countries: PEREIRA, Rita Maria Ribes; SANTOS, Núbia de Oliveira; LOPES, Ana Elisabete Rodrigues de Carvalho (orgs.). Childhood, youth and education: practices and research in dialogue. Rio de Janeiro: Nau Editora, 2015) . Among them: Régine Sirota - Paris Rene Descartes, Michalis Kontopodis - University of Roehampton, Cristina Porto - Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Walter Omar Kohan collaborates with the Masters in Philosophy for Children of the University of the Azores, with joint publications (The Routledge International Handbook of Philosophy for Children; Childhood & Philosophy).

International Colloquium of Philosophy of Education (NEFI/ProPEd)

Organized biannually since 2002, in October 2018 it came to its ninth edition. Lígia Aquino, Rita Ribes, Vera Vasconcellos and Walter Kohan are part of the scientific committee. It gathers an average of no less than 500 participants from at least twenty countries. In addition to the aforementioned events, Lígia Aquino, Rita Ribes, Vera Vasconcellos and Walter Kohan have been members of several Scientific Committees of international events such as the II International Seminar on Childhood and Postcolonialism: research in search of decolonizing pedagogies, UNICAMP, 2015; III International Seminar on Childhood and Ethnic-Racial Relations, 2014; 1st International Congress on Early Childhood Education of UNICAMP; International Seminar on Knowledge Networks; REDES, UERJ, 2013, 2015, 2017.

Childhood & Philosophy

The journal, published by the Center for the Study of Philosophy and Childhood (NEFI/ProPEd) and International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children has Walter Kohan as co-editor and Rita Ribes and Ligia Aquino as members of the scientific committee. The following foreign collaborators mentioned in this project published articles in the last five years in the journal: Karin Murris, Elena Theodoropoulou, Marina Santi, Carlos Skliar, María Teresa Suarez Vaca, Jan Masschelein, Juliana Merçon, Barbara Weber, Maximiliano Durán.