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X International Colloquium on Philosophy and Education
To affirm, invent, re-exist: what can a philosophical education do?

October 5th to 9th, 2020

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Our desire to hold the Colloquium is greater than ever; we were preparing for an original, creative, experimental face-to-face meeting. But traversed by the pandemic and the very serious political situation in Brazil, we find ourselves in the difficulty of the meeting to be fully realized. We love meeting and providing meetings between people from all corners! How to spend the 20th anniversary of the Colloquia without doing anything, as paralyzed by the pandemic or silent before the fascism that governs Brazil?
We thought, then, of unfolding the colloquium. In 2020, we will make a first phase - or prophase - based on a remote and virtual logic. In the second half of 2021, on a date that we will confirm during the virtual meeting, we will then meet in person.
We follow the unreasonable measures in relation to remote education, the increased use of platforms for meetings, and the government's intentions to distantize education. We know about the difficulties of access and the technological inequalities of a society marked by neglect with the most vulnerable and excluded people.
But even in this context (and perhaps specially now), we affirm the need and importance of meeting to think together. We know almost nothing. We trust in the disruptive and generative force of not knowing. And we ask: what does the crossing of a pandemic, which seems to suspend the past and the future, make us think? We need to change, but do we know what we want to change? Is it the end of an era or way of life? Do there remains some space to affirm, invent, re-exist: what can a philosophical education do?


It is in the emergency of thinking about these and other issues that our proposal for 2020 is therefore a digital prophase of the 10th International Colloquium on Philosophy and Education, to be held from the 5th to the 9th of October, at a friendly time to reconcile different zones schedules from around the world and the working hours of brazilian participants.

Registration to participate in the X CIFE would officially end today, May 31st. Many people have already signed up, accepting the invitation to try a different format of textuality. We maintain this egalitarian commitment with the writing of a short, authorial and essayistic text for the propose of the Colloquium in October 2020, with the difference of being on an online platform.
However, we know that the past few months have transformed a lot. For this reason, we invite all registered authors to rethink the texts they have sent and reflect on whether they wish to keep them as they are, change them, replace them, whether they want to redirect them or even remove them from the event. You can do this through the services panel of our website, logging in with your email and password in the top menu of the website . Especially if you have already signed up but do not intend to participate in the digital propose of X CIFE, we ask that you please login and select the option to remove your text.
Of course, we realized the very short time that registered people would have to make changes or withdrawals, and for this reason, for the first time in the history of the event, we will extend the deadline for registration and change - and this is also true for new registrations, if by chance still have not entered your work! The new deadline to review your application or to register for X CIFE runs until July 5, 2020 , always on the event website. Remember to read the proposal carefully before signing up!

In time: in addition to the original discussion proposal, we understand the amount of languages, expressions, gestures and images that our insular situation makes emerge, and we will soon make a sub-call, between enrolled participants, for artistic expressions, digital pieces, online thinking experiences and other activities. The submission of the text, still mandatory for the registration, is the first stage of a process that aims to establish a common space of thought and invention. In other words: we propose that writing these texts are a means of establishing a common place, to be thought and expressed in different ways. They will not be presented, as stated in our proposal.

And yet: if you have any doubts about what directions to (re)take in your text, we suggest some thematic axes (only as an aid for those seeking some inspiration):
1 - Extensive body and virtual body.
2 - Participation: Youth and avatars.
3 - Senses in the virtual world: how to feel, when, from what? And the skin?
4 - Powers and limits of reading/writing/thinking on paper and on screen.
5 - Distance/remote/virtual Learning in popular education.
6 - Virtuality and non-dominant cultures.
7 - Popular philosophical school in the 21st century.
8 - What is the place of technique in a philosophical education?
9 - Time, rhythm and speed in the virtual space.
10 - Childhood life and the virtual.
11 - Earth, non-human life.
12 - Virtual crossroads and contemporary anti-racism.

As always, registrations can be made in any language. We encourage everyone, regardless of age, nationality, level of education, field of activity and football team, to continue participating and signing up for X CIFE. Our decisions also take into account the number of people enrolled and the common desire, more than ever in these times of global crisis in health and democracy, to think of a philosophical, affirmative, inventive and re-existing Education.

Hoping to find you well,

Comissão organizadora do X Colóquio Internacional de Filosofia e Educação

Comité organizador del X Coloquio Internacional de Filosofía y Educación

Organizing committee of the X International Colloquium on Philosophy and Education

important dates

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  • Colloquium Prophase
    October 5th to 9th, 2020
  • Registrations open
    February 1st, 2020
  • Deadline for registration
    July 5th, 2020 [23:59h]

  • Registrations results
    Until August 30th, 2020
  • Schedule disclosure
    Until August 31th, 2020
  • Proceedings
    October 5th, 2020
  • Online certificates
    October 9th, 2020
  • Face-to-face stage of the Colloquium
    Second semester of 2021

support and organization

  • NEFI UERJ Faculdade de Educação ProPEd FAPERJ Capes CNPQ

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